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HRO Human Resources Outsourcing is a strategic initiative that helps an organization gain cost and time efficiencies, by handling its human resource activities and administrative tasks.

CX Solution

we are dedicated to revolutionizing customer experiences (CX). Our CX solutions are designed to elevate your brand's interactions with customers, resulting in greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a results-focused digital marketing approach. It's all about measurable outcomes, from clicks and conversions to ROI.

Global Staffing

Excellence in both the sourcing of the jobs and building of the ultimate pool of candidates providing the talented and skilled workforce to the indudtry.

Remote work enablement platform

Powerful remote work ecosystem to optimize cost, performance, productivity, and security.


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Performance Marketing

CX Solution

Global Staffing

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More than 3000 organizations in over 6 countries across the globe rely on Vertex Global Services to grow their business..

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Vertex Global Services has established itself as the preferred partner for staffing solutions as they meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes by offering a diverse range of global employment opportunities. Vertex Global Services' clients include Fortune 500 companies.

Performance Marketing

Businesses that are unable to manage their marketing tactics and establish an online presence in the sector can benefit from Vertex Global Services' performance marketing services. With its results-driven strategy that emphasises providing businesses with measurable results, the company runs numerous initiatives to win over customers.

Artificial Intelligence

With V-BOT, a virtual chatbot powered by AI from Vertex Global Services, unveiled to seize the opportunity and change the game with natural language processing and interaction-based virtual solutions, Vertex Global Services uses Artificial Intelligence to streamline business operations and assist sectors.

IT Managed Services

Vertex Global Services employs the ITIL framework, as well as Active Directory, Office 365, and consolidated server data with HyperV devices, to stabilise the infrastructure of low-level network organisations that frequently experience outages, and it provides security consulting by understanding its clients' needs.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Vertex Global Services Announces Pandemic Career Support Platform

We launched a corporate responsibility campaign to amplify employment during the pandemic. This initiative has been designed to integrate workforce management for jobseekers and employers to find their best match at no cost.

Vertex Global Services has collaborated with existing over 3000 clients to generate employment and be a career accelerator for many where in skilled individuals can explore relevant positions and even add desired profiles.

Vertex Global Services is a well-known for quality hiring amongst Fortune 500 companies and is preferred choice for Global Staffing by corporates. This corporate responsibility will engage HR communities, potential candidates, freshers and more in a conversation that will aid in normalizing the current situation.

Vertex initiated Culture of Inclusivity that fosters a work environment which is flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individual and hiring especially abled workers in every department.